​Results from Copper Meadows Horse Trials, June 10 - 12, 2016

​Results from The Spring Event at Woodside, May 27 - 29, 2016

Results from Galway Downs Spring Horse Trials, May 13-15, 2016

Results from Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, April 28 - May 1, 2016

​BARB CRABO FINISHED ROLEX KENTUCKY 4*!! She and Eveready made the trip to try again, and they succeeded! They put in a lovely dressage test to set themselves up nicely in 36th place going into cross country. The weather proved to be unfriendly on Saturday and Barb had a very wet and muddy run on XC, but Ready was not phased and made the course look almost easy! They put in a clean run, adding only time faults to their score. Sunday showed us a very tough show jumping course, but Barb and Ready did their best. They ended the weekend in 43rd, and best of all, went home sound and incredibly happy and accomplished!

Results from Galway Downs International Horse Trials, April 1-3, 2016

Results from Copper Meadows Horse Trials, March 18-20, 2016

Results from Twin Rivers Winter Horse Trials, March 4-6, 2016

Results from the Galway Downs Winter Show, Feb 5-7, 2016

​Results from the Galway Downs International  H.T., Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2015

​Results from the Fall Copper Meadows H.T., Sept 4-6, 2015

​Results from the Coconino Classic 3-Day Event & H.T., July 16-19, 2015

Results from the Event at Rebecca Farm July 23-26, 2015

​Results from the Coconino Summer I H.T., July 11-12, 2015

Results from Summer Copper Meadows H.T., June 5-7, 2015

​Results from Spring Coconino H.T., May 23-24, 2015

ROLEX KENTUCKY INTERNATIONAL 4* THREE-DAY EVENT! It doesn't get much more exciting than that! Barb took her long-time partner Eveready back to Kentucky to try their hand again at the Rolex Kentucky 4* event. They presented one of their best dressage tests at the best time. They were very accurate and Ready looked soft and willing. They earned a very respectable score of 53.7 which made her very competitive in a pool of many other internationally respected riders. Cross country proved tough for many competitors on Saturday. The rain was coming down in sheets and the footing was deep, muddy, and slippery. Unfortunately, Ready couldn't quite get a hold of the footing and so he and Barb took a tumble to the fourth fence on cross country. Both were up immediately and unharmed when they made the trek back to the barn. But we couldn't be prouder of Barb for working so hard to get there and we know she'll be back there again soon!

Galway is always a fun show to attend, but even more fun when everyone in the barn does so well! Eveready showed us what a professional he is in the CIC3* when he cruised around cross country double clean and knocked only one rail in stadium. He finished in 5th place on a score of 55.5. And Over Easy showed off her talent in the CIC2* when she won the division on her dressage score of 48.9! Lacie put in a lovely dressage test, earning her a score of 34.8, but unfortunately bruised her foot and was unable to finish the weekend. Jordan Crabo rode Eclipse in the Junior Novice Rider class and rode beautifully all weekend! She earned no jumping penalties and only 7.2 time on cross country, which put her in 16th place with a 42.6. Way to go, Jordan! Barb's own Quite Electric (Louie) was a brave boy this weekend in the Novice Horse division. At only his second show, he soared around cross country double clear and had only one rail down in stadium. He finished in 14th place with a 34.2! Barb also rode Kate McKain's Sophisticate in the Novice Horse class, and they finished on their dressage score of 34.8and in 15th place. Barb had lots of fun on Baltic Viking, owned by Eric Courtney, in the Open Novice division. They took home the blue ribbon by finishing on their dressage score of 28.7! Mary Hanson rode her own Guinness in the Senior Novice Rider class, and they added another win to their record, finishing on their dressage score of 28.9! Dani Surrett took both of her horses to Galway this weekend and rode Worth The Wait in the Senior Novice Rider class where they jumped around clean all weekend, picking up on 2 time penalties and finished in 6th place with a 36.0. Dani and her horse Wait For It showed us their stuff in the Senior Novice Amateur division where their one rail down in stadium were their only additional penalty points. They finished in 8th place with 36.8.

What a successful weekend we all had at Copper Meadows! Barb had some fun rides to keep her busy this weekend. Lickety Split (Lacie) came out in 3rd place in a large Open Preliminary class. One rail in show jumping gave her a final score of 29.9. What a good girl! Barb took Mary Hanson's Guinness in the Open Training division and put in a beautiful dressage test with a 29.1. One rail down in show jumping gave them a finishing score of 33.1, putting them in 9th place. She rode Eric Courtney's Baltic Viking in Open Novice A and earned a 30.4 in dressage. They had two rails down in stadium, but went double clean cross country! This gave them a final score of 38.4 and a 14th place finish. Barb's youngest ride, her own Quite Electric (Louie) made his first eventing debut at Copper in the Open Novice B division and was such a good boy! He showed some great potential in dressage,getting a score of 36.5and had only 2 rails fall in stadium. Cross country at Copper Meadows can be a bit scary for green horses because of all the boulders, but Louie took it in stride! He had one refusal and 36 time penalties, giving him a final score of 100.5 and a 16th place finish. Not bad for his first outing ever! And Dora showed us once again how special she is in the Open Beginner Novice division by finishing on her dressage score of 30.8 and ending her weekend with a 1st place finish. Barb wasn't the only one having fun - she had plenty of clients who were putting on a show as well! Chrystal Flanagan took her own E Illusionist (Splash) in the Preliminary Rider division, and after having only one rail down in stadium and 10 time penalties on cross country, finished with a 46.5 which left her 8th place. Jordan took Eclipse in the Junior Novice Rider class and gave a lovely performance! She earned a 33.9 in dressage and only 2 rails fall in stadium which gave her a 12th place finish on her score of 41.9. Kelly Dray took her own NZ Valentine (Rocket) in the Senior Novice Rider A division and put perfect rides in every phase. She finished the weekend on her dressage score of 30.7 and took home the blue ribbon! Dani Surrett rode her own Worth the Wait (Prince) in the same class and were tied for 3rd after dressage with a 32.0. She had 2 rails fall in show jumping and one green refusal on cross country, which gave her a final score of 60.0, putting her in 11th. Dani also took her own Wait For It (Cimi) to Copper Meadows, showing him in the Senior Novice Rider B class. They put in a lovely dressage test, and after only 3 rails fall in stadium, they jumped clean around cross country with only a few time. They finished their weekend with a 62.5 and a 7th place ribbon. Kate Chester rode her Orca in the Senior Novice Rider B class and showed everyone what they are capable of! They finished on their dressage score of 27.4 and took home all the first pace prizes! Kate McKain was out final competitor in the Senior Novice Rider B division on Sophisticate (Sophie) and the pair were in 2nd place after dressage with a 29.1. In the stadium jumping phase, however, Sophie couldn't take her eyes off what were certainly monsters on the fenceline and so the 2 were eliminated. You'll get 'em next time, Kate!

Whew, Twin Rivers was a big show! It was a long trip, but it was well worth it! Eveready did it again! He came out on top in a large class of successful horses! His dressage went well and he & Barb earned a 33.5, putting them in 8th after day one. But his fantastic jumping is what pushed him to the top! They cruised around a challenging cross country course, getting no jumping penalties and only 0.4 time, and his double clear stadium round gave him a final score of 33.9 and landed him the blue ribbon!! Easy was her usually fantastic self in the Open Intermediate division. Her dressage test put her in 8th with a 36.1, and her double clear stadium and cross country phases allowed her to finish on her dressage score and sent her home in 4th place! Viking put in a lovely dressage test, getting a 31.7, but he is still learning the ropes, so went on to have one stop on cross country and only one rail down. He finished in 12th place with a 55.7. And Dora is showing us all how good she can be finishing on her dressage score again! She finished the weekend in the Open Beginner Novice division in 3rd place with a 31.1. Jordan Crabo took Eclipse in the Junior Novice Rider division and after putting in a solid dressage test, went double clear in her stadium round.The novice coffin proved challenging for nearly all the novice divisions this weekend, which is where Jordan and Eclipse suffered and sadly got eliminated. But it gives them something to work on for next time! And Jordan wasn't the only one who was stuck at the novice coffin - Kelly and Lacie also had trouble there. After a stunning dressage test getting a 29.6 and a double clear show jump round, Kelly and Lacie were also eliminated at the coffin. But Kelly and Lacie are just getting to know each other and we are confident that they will be a top pair to watch this coming season! Kelly also rode her own NZ Valentine (Rocket) this weekend in the Senior Novice Rider division, and she showed off her experience this weekend! She was in 6th place after dressage with a score of 32.0 and double clear show jumping and cross country gave her the 4th place ribbon in a challenging class! Dani Surrett also had 2 of her own horses in the same division. Worth the Wait (Prince) and Wait For It (Cimi) both did super this weekend! Prince finished on his dressage score of 35.0 putting him in 7th place, and Cimi earned a 34.1 in dressage and went clean in stadium and cross country, only accruing 3.6 time on cross country. Cimi finished 10th on his score of 37.7. A great weekend for all!

After a successful fundraiser schooling at Galway Downs, our show season kicked off with the first Galway Downs event of the year on January 30th and was a very positive season opener for all of our Four Peaks students who attended! Barb had 2 horses in the Open Intermediate division, both Over Easy and Lickety Split (Lacie). Easy came out in her standard fashion to get a great dressage score of 30.0, then went on to have no cross country penalties, and only 1 rail in show jumping which gave them a final score of 34.0 and finishing in 1st place! Lacie had a lovely dressage test scoring a 36.3, then went on to have a small green moment on cross country, earning 1 jump penalty and accruing some time, and was a little tired for show jumping the next day and had 2 rails down. She finished with a 70.3 landing her in 10th place. A good start to the season! Barb had Dora in the Open Beginner Novice division - and what a good girl all weekend! She produced a beautiful test, earning a 32.1 in dressage and earned no additional penalties all weekend. She finished her first show ever on her dressage score and in 6th place! Barb was also riding 2 client's horses over the weekend - Guinness in the Open Training division, and Viking in the Open Novice division. Guinness was fantastic all weekend, getting a 37.1 in dressage, having no cross country penalties and only one rail down in show jumping, which gave him a finishing score of 41.1 and put him in 7th place. Viking is still figuring out the eventing scene and is picking it up quickly! The pair got a 34.4 in dressage, had only one rail down in show jumping, and had only one "greenie" incident on cross country! They ended up in 22nd place in a very large division with a 58.4. Kate Chester rode her own Orca in the Senior Novice Rider division along with Dani Surrett on her own Wait For it (Cimi). Kate and Orca put in a stunning test getting a 26.3, went double clean around cross country, but had a small hiccup in the show jumping, where they picked up 4 jump penalties and 13 time, giving them a finishing score of 43.3 and an 8th place ribbon! Cimi was green, but very willing! They earned a 39.4 in dressage, has a few rails in show jumping, but flew around the cross country course like a couple of pros! They finished with a 51.4, putting them in 11th place. Jordan Crabo rode her own Eclipse in the Junior Novice Rider division and put in a very nice test earning a 33.9! They cruised around the stadium course without accruing any penalties, but Eclipse jumped pretty big over a log and Jordan got popped out of the tack in cross country. You'll get it next time, Jordan! A great start to the year and we are all excited about what the season will bring!

Barbara Crabo and Eveready win the CCI3* at the 2014 Galway International Event! To say it was great show would be an understatement as all of our students did a wonderful job and we all worked together to make a very busy weekend go by seamlessly. Our own Kate Chester won the Senior Novice Rider division on her horse, Orca, with a final score of 32.3 and Kate McKain came in 9th with her mare, Sophie! Barb rode Dani Surrett's 'Worth the Wait', or Prince in the Open Novice division and came in 3rd place with a 32.5, while Viking, a horse new to eventing, had a few green moments on cross country and came in 14th in the same class. Jordan Crabo had a great ride on her new pony Eclipse and had only 2 rails down in show jumping and a little bit of time on cross country. She came in 17th in her Junior Novice Rider class. Barb took Guinness, owned by Mary Hanson, in the Training Horse division and came in 3rd place with a 30.8, accruing only .8 penalties due to time on cross country. Christine Pierce took her own Mr. Mikey in the Senior Training Rider division and came in 14th after a small bobble resulting in a refusal on and otherwise beautiful cross country round. Chrystal Flanagan and Splash put in a super performance in the Preliminary Rider division, getting only 1.6 penalty points for time on cross country and finishing their season with a 6th place finish! Over Easy finished out her season with a spectacular weekend at Open Preliminary, finishing in 3rd on her dressage score of 31.8. Barb kept herself busy with 3 horses running in the FEI divisions over the weekend. Both I.M. Electric and Lickety Split ran in the CCI1* division - a huge class of more than 50 riders! I.M. Electric, or Trixie, had only 2 time penalties on cross country and had one rail in show jumping to have a 24th place finish. And Lickety Split, or Lacie, had only one refusal on cross country and 3 rails in show jumping to finish out in 40th. And in the CCI3*, Barb and her long-time partner Eveready took on a large 3* class and held nothing back! They placed 5th after a stunning dressage test with a score of 49.6. They made the daunting cross country course look easy on Saturday going clean with only 3.6 time penalties, moving up to 2nd place. And on Sunday they made history by putting in the only double-clear stadium jumping round and propelled into 1st place! This is their first win at this level for the pair and we are looking forward to what next season brings them! The 2014 Four Peaks Farm show season was a blast and ended well, so let's all relax and get ready for the excitement of the 2015 show season! Congratulations Four-Peakers! 

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